Top 50 Largest Property Management Companies

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July 31, 2013
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It’s always fun and interesting to see how these property management companies have grown and expanded. Some have managed to keep their names on the list and some are newcomers to the list. Below I have listed the top 10 but to see the 50 larges click on the link below.
Here are the top 10…who are managing 1,152,000+ total units
Greystar Real Estate Partners, 192,000+ units

Riverstone Residential Group, 170,000+ units

Lincoln Property Company, 144,000+ units

Pinnacle, 138,000+ units

Equity Residential, 119,000+ units

WinnCompanies, 91,000+ units

Aimco, 88,000+ units

Archstone, 78,000+ units

Camden Property Trust, 67,000+ units

Bell Partners Inc, 65,000+ units

Here is the master list of rankings for the 50 Largest Property Management Companies,

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